Welcome at Hausarztpraxis am Ostbahnhof.

We kindly ask our new patients to return the signed check list and data protection declaration on your first visit.

Furthermore, you can find a list of fees here, which apply for special services of our practice.

Charges for Adults

We aim to offer high-quality medical care. Unfortunately, statutory health insurances do not cover all health-related costs. This especially applies to private preventive examinations and legal matters.

Certificates, Confirmations and Travel Vaccinations (does not apply for the common temporary sick certificate)

Short certificate
Common medical certificate, for example on a private prescription form
€ 5,00
Short attestation
on DIN A4, containing diagnose, rest instructions, aptitude for sports, information for employer etc.
€ 15,00
Travel vaccination advise
Medical travel vaccination advise and/or travel-related medical vaccination (for example first Hepatitis A immunization)
€ 20,00
Every subsequent vaccination (for example second Hepatitis immunization) € 10,00
Medical attestation – depending on time expenditure: up to 15 minutes
Summarily, without technical diagnostics, for example for a lawyer after an accident, for insurance companies, employers, job center, pension office, sports club, driver’s license etc.
€ 35,00
Medical attestation – depending on time expenditure: up to 30 minutes € 75,00